Thinking about Christmas!!

S’ok! I’ve not completely lost the plot yet. But I have got Christmas on my mind, and that doesn’t usually happen until at least 23rd December.

This year, I’ve been looking at upcoming markets and craft fayres and deciding which ones to apply for. I keep having to remind myself that it is still only August (the weather isn’t helping, lol).


I’m starting to have lots of ideas about what I can make.  I’m planning some winter-themed jewellery, and perhaps some candles. I’ve even been looking at baubles and tree decorations and wondering if I should make some… never have before.

Can’t remember being this excited about Christmas since I was a very small child.

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Ritetrax at the Bolehills

Lovely and sunny!
My new necklace stand. The suitcase once belonged to my Dad.

Had a lovely time on Saturday at the Bolehills in Crookes.

The weather was (almost) on our side – the sun shone and the threatened rain stayed away. It would have been nice if the wind had not been so gusty and cold, but the music was good and good friends were there to chat to.  I made new friends, too.

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