Happy New Year 2018!!!

A Charm of Magpies would like to wish all our friends and customers a Happy New Year!

Lets hope 2018 is a good one!

We had a brilliant time last year, setting up the business and making lots of lovely stock (and selling it) – this year, we’re hoping to be bigger and better. We’ve brainstormed so many new ideas that we’ve made ourselves giddy with excitement, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve decided upon.

Did you see our feature in ‘The Star’ in December? Lizzie didn’t like her double chins appearing in public, but we think the write-up is great.  As it says in the piece, our new site for Rook and Magpie Exclusive Beaded Jewellery, is in production.  It’s taking longer than we hoped because we’re just so busy, so please be patient with us.

We’re working on a new collection of resin pendants for A Charm of Magpies, too. The launch date was penned in for the first Saturday in April but we’ve checked the calendar and discovered that that’s actually April Fools’ Day, so now we’re having second thoughts.  It’s provisionally entitled the ‘Celestial’ collection as it’s inspired by views of the the constellations and bodies of outer space as photographed by NASA etc.  The first pieces have already gone to be photographed and they look amazing.

The Solar System – inspiration for the new ‘Celestial’ collection of resin jewellery
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