Gold Rose Ring – bronze or silver band

£25.00 Includes UK p+p


This rose flower statement ring is made from resin coated in a dull gold enamel. The realistic rose is hand poured, and hand painted- It is NOT made from a bought resin flatback!. It is just the right size, neither too small or too large, to be worn comfortably all day – classy enough for the office, yet stylish enough for the theatre.

♥Rings, necklaces and pins can be made in any colour – please message me if you would be interested in purchasing a ring, pendant or pin in a custom colour.

The rose ring measures 24mm in diameter. The ring base can be either Silver Plated or Bronze Metal (quality hypoallergenic/ nickel and chrome free) and is adjustable to fit most adult-size fingers.

♥Care Instructions
The ring is formed of hardwearing resin and coated with tough enamel. It is hard-wearing enough to be worn every day although, as enamel can soften slightly with excessive heat, it should be removed before showering/bathing, and resin can chip if treated too harshly



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