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Welcome to A Charm of Magpies.

What a labour of love it’s been to get this far!  I’m grateful to all my amazing family and friends who have given me so much help, support and encouragement.  I couldn’t have done it without them.

I design and make all the handcrafted jewellery and accessories for sale on this website, and for my shops on Facebook, Etsy and Folksy.

I also make bespoke items on request so, if you see something you like but in a colour or pattern you don’t, please send me a message and I’ll be happy to help.

So, why did I call my shop ‘A Charm of Magpies’?

Well, corvids have fascinated me since I was a child.  I love how they always seem so curious about everything.   And of course, like me, they’re attracted to bright and shiny things. And they do like to chatter, too! When a pair of magpies set up home in the tree outside my house, I learned that a group of magpies was called a ‘charm’ and then, when it was time to name my business, was easy to think of a name.

I’ve been making jewellery as a hobby for a long time. I started way back in the 80’s when my friends and I discovered a little shop selling findings and beads. We all made our own earrings for a while. Time moved on and I got a job, although I remained a writer and artist in my spare time.  I started making jewellery out of other things – glass and paper, plastics, wood, resin and plaster of Paris.

Now, I’m a full-time maker and the best thing about running my own business is that my hobby is now my job.  According to the Internet, Confucius said “Find a job that you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”.  I’m not totally in agreement.  I do work hard. But I love it too, even if doing the admin isn’t as much fun as designing and making.

Shop and bespoke items

Please have a look at the items I’ve listed for sale in my shop. And please don’t forget that, if you’d like me to create something just for you (perhaps a pendant on a longer chain, or a shorter bracelet, or a special colour combination), you can send me a message and I’ll get back to you to discuss ideas.

Lizzie x

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